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Silver Necklace with 0.50ct Panjshir Afghanistan Emerald


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock


Experience the captivating allure of our Exquisite Silver Necklace featuring a mesmerizing 0.50ct Emerald gemstone. Crafted with 92.5% pure silver, this necklace is a true symbol of elegance and sophistication. The vibrant green hue of the Emerald, with its very very slightly included clarity, radiates with a captivating beauty that will leave you breathless.

Indulge in the enchantment of this remarkable necklace, meticulously designed to showcase the allure of the 0.50ct Emerald. Sourced from the renowned Panjshir region, this gemstone represents the pinnacle of quality and authenticity. The octagon cut adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity, while allowing the Emerald to reflect light in a dazzling display of brilliance.

Adorn yourself with this Silver Necklace and let the beauty of the 0.50ct Emerald be a reflection of your refined taste and style. Whether you wear it to a special occasion or as an everyday accessory, this necklace will enhance your look with a touch of sophistication and grace.

Embrace the luxury of fine jewelry at an affordable price. Our Exquisite Silver Necklace offers exceptional quality and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. It’s a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, celebrating moments of joy and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.


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